Review: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

This may be the hardest game I’ve ever played, and though it’s fun, I have a hard time recommending it.  Mechanically, it has a lot in common with classic NES Mega Man, but the difficulty curve is through the roof.  Its designed to be nearly unbeatable, except through repetition and learning to beat a level the hard way, much like super meat boy.  The art and music are great if you appreciate 8/16 bit era looks and sounds and there are lots of nods to both nerdy culture and classic games that any retro game fan is sure to love.  Sadly, the game is too lude and crude for its own good… It doesn’t’ try to be witty and instead hopes that you’ll find tasteless non-since amusing, but I didn’t.  I’m sure the humor will appeal to someone, but not me, and it will likely appeal the average person.  If you love difficult, retro stylized games and can enjoy or ignore course and disgusting content, you’ll love this game, especially considering its low price point!  Sadly, for the average gamer looking for old school platformed thrills, i’d have to suggest you instead look to polished, longer, less offensive games like cave story+, super meat boy or rayman.

Jesters Score: 6/10 “Fun, but unexceptional”


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