Test Build: SBS1 03/12/14

SBA1 Test Build 2014/03/12

Download SBS1 Test Build

New To Version (pre-alpha, working title)

In this build I’ve added:

  • world textures (walls, blocks, bricks and wall tops)
  • colored overlays for world textures (allows me to reuse the same textures in different colors by laying a transparent, colored sprite on top of non-transparent sprite)
  • more accurate wall collisions while walking (no more gap between you and the wall when you get close, now you move flush with it)

In next release:

  • ?

To Do:

  • ?

About SBS1

SBA1 is the working title for my next game and is my latest rapid development project. “Rapid Development” is my development strategy, it refers to a game which can be constructed in 6 months with under 1-2 hours of work a day, aka a hobbyist project. My current project is intended to be .  I’m planning on releasing the game early next year for PC and Android. If there’s interest, I may port it to Andorid, iOS, Windows Phone, Steam, Windows 8 app and/or Mac at a later time.

Why a Test Build?

In an attempt to build the most enjoyable product possible, I’ll be posting test builds of the game. I appreciate any and all input on game style and mechanics as well as ideas and/or suggestions. I’d appreciate your insight! If you have input, just leave it in the form below!


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