Review: Breath of Death VII

Review: Breath of Death VII


This game is rooted in traditional, NES style RPG’s where resolutions were low, grinding was a major gameplay element and writing was the star. The game is set in a post-nuclear war earth where all mankind has died leaving only undead. Aside from the cast of skeletons, zombies, and vampires, the game abides in a somewhat standard fantasy world with castles, item shops, and random battles when in dungeons or wilderness. Though the design is old, it always feels fresh with its amusing writing and relatively complex battle and leveling systems.


Gameplays a bit trickier to describe. It follows the traditional style of select an attack then a target, but has an added level of complexity thanks to a combo system and complex leveling system. Though each character fits well into a melee, magic damage, or healing build, the player can choose how the characters will grow over levels. It’s very unlikely that you end game charters will look much like the party which I finished the game with, which also adds replay-ability as you’ll be tempted to replay just to tweak your party’s build. For the most part, anyone who’s played a NES or SNES RPG will feel at home as they walk around a world map and battle various monsters.


Though resolution is kept low, this game is filled with style. Animations are VERY low resolutions and quirky, but usually amusing. The overworld that you’ll traverse while moving from town to town are a bit ugly and uninspired. Towns and ruins are filled with variety and are quiet fun to explore while cave dungeons generally have little to no variety in design. Battle animations are simple, probably too simple, but after an hour I didnt’ mind, and by the end of the game I really enjoyed the battle scense, even if they were overly simple. Even when the art does fail, the music will keep you entertained. The score is both retro and well done and will likely make any gamer happy.


This game isn’t for everyone, but if your into 8-bit era RPG’s you’ll find Breath of Death VII to be a fresh experience mix with charm and nostalgia packed into every corner of the game. It’s not a perfect game by any standard, but I’d suggest it’ll be a fun excursion for any RPG fan.

Score: 7/10


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