Game Test Build 04/19/2015

Here’s a link to my latest game, SuperBlock Platformer 1 (working title).  My plan is to build 3 levels with simple placeholder art, release it for free, then use the engine to make a more fully realized game later on.  Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see some of my code.

  • New To This Release!
    • Walking enemies
    • Throwable Marbles for attacking
    • Bounce pads
    • New art for blocks
    • Programatically colorized room objects depending on the level!
    • Cool new cannonball collision physics
    • Removed end of game exception error
    • More novel villager text!
  • Coming soon!
    •  The rest of level 2
    • Moving platforms
    • Water
    • Start screen

Our Hero! Block Ninja Cat, or Block Ninja Kitten, or something?


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