SBW1 Dev Log 10/19/2013

State of the Game:

Iv’e got a few bugs to fix, also I need to add a bit more to game mechanics.  It currently feels solid and good, but it’s not fun enough yet!  After I feel good about funness of game play, I’ll remake the first level then continue with content.

Newly Added:

  • Dirt Art
  • Coin Throwing
  • BotBot
  • House

To Do:

  • Add generic switches
  • Add generic switchable doors, gates, traps
  • Add enemies
  • Add skins/hues
  • More Levels
  • Remove derp

Bug List:

  • on rare occasions, you can stand on spikes.  Still unsure of cause.
  • Jumping while walking near a corner will sometimes glitch.  Charter sticks to corner.  Need to improve code for saving safe locations to respawn to.
  • Player gets stuck while walking up left inclines.  Likely due to pixel indexing.  Likely need to increase movement up by 1.


  • New Dirt Sprite
  • Added Coin Throwing
  • Added BotBot
  • Player Animation
  • Player Walk
  • Player Jump
  • Solid Objects
  • Block Tile Set
  • Cloud (removed, slows game too much)
  • Water
  • Water Physics
  • Message Box
  • Message Objects
  • Room Start
  • Room Transition
  • The Stranger (an NPC)
  • Coin Animation
  • Coin Pickups
  • Coin Count on Hud
  • Sprinting (removed for this game but functional)
  • Gamepad Support
  • Generic Hazards
  • Spikes

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