Computers Suck but its Not Too Late!

Computers suck, every last one of them…  Long ago a strange machine was created which could add big numbers and over time its design was improved to compute numbers better and better which brings us to today, a world where everyone’s racing to make the fastest calculator, a race which nobody wins.  The nature of computing has evolved a lot over time, or has it?  Has the theory of computing evolved or simply the technology behind the machines?  Moore’s Law is both the greatest blessing upon the tech world, as well as the greatest curse.  A law which guarantees the evolution of the same old ideas at an astounding speed which, sadly, discourages research in new processing paradigms.  Currently, to a computer, the world is nothing more then numbers and libraries weather they are observing nature or modeling a new generation of rocket which seems a bit inefficient.  It seems to me that in re-purposing the X86 architecture to solve every problem, people could have been developing stunning new proprietary integrated circuit solutions for lives problems.  I suppose that one architecture to rule them all has greatly improved accessibility as well as cross platform comparability, but its also likely stifled growth in researching better ways to solve existing problems with less scale-able tech.  Luckly, things are also getting better.  Thanks to modern research and modeling of neurons and synapses, new, learning, AI chips that can navigate and recognize images rather then sending their data off to a cloud.  Additionally, FPGAs may very well become a common place addition to traditional computers which could allow any developer to run every program on the most efficient architecture for the application!  Who knows, perhaps orbital computing will oneday change the very OFF/ON theory which we now rely on for every task.  There will always be a wide range of applications for traditional “number crunching” computers, but I like to think that we are on the brink of world changing, paradigm shifting breakthroughs that will change the world of computing forever and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to see whats next!


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