Moto G vs Nokia Lumia 521

Day 1:  The look and feel! (screen and build quality)

The Moto G vs the Nokia 521 thus far…  the G’s gorilla glass screen was slick and solid, while the 521s is feels like a sheet of plastic (which is probably the case), also 521’s case feels like cheep plastic (again, which it is) but doesn’t show fingerprints while the Moto G shows every fingerprint possible unless you buy a case upgrade.  I’ve not used it enough to know if the $80 in savings was worth it or not and haven’t made up my mind on Windows Phone vs Androids user interface.  Finally, though the phones are almost the same size, the 521s screen is much larger due to a huge black boarder around the entire screen.  There’s probably a difference in the quality of images, but after using the 521 for a minuet, I can’t tell a difference.


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