The State of Jestern Games for Feb 22nd

I’m working on a new app.  I’m trying to make traditional platformer style mechanics work with a touch screen.  The current strategy is to use a virtual joystick which only moves left and right on one side of the screen and a single button for jump on the other.   I’ve not finished implementing the mechanics to allow for testing, so everything could change a lot later on.  If this goes well, it game could prove portable prove portable to both the browser and PC platforms!  At any rate, I’ve still got plenty of work to do.  You should expect to see a test build in the next two weeks.  I’ve also decided that I need to shorten my turnaround time between apps.  It seems that the app markets of the world are a crap shoot where only 1 in 100 apps is ever discovered randomly without advertising or prime storefront placement.  Given the state of the app industry, I doubt I’ll ever distribute many apps, but will stand a much higher chance of getting noticed if I pump out a ton of content.  I’m still juggling lots of hobbies including Java, Python, playing games, and various outdoor activities.


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