Random Thoughts & Dirt

So, I’m sitting down to write, again, directionless.  Most interestingly amongst the events of the week thus far is my getting some great dirt art!  Before my art consisted of a dark red background overplayed with lighter red, diagonal lines, but now thanks to kroniaq via kroniaq.com (please badger him into finishing his website in any and every comments section so I can properly link to it XD).  At any rate, this sunday you’ll see the new dirt art, and maybe more!!!  Aside from dirt art, I’ve discovered a couple new podcasts that I’ve enjoyed so far, The Nerdist (which may have overtaken GameScoop for the position of favorite podcast) and This American Life (of which I’ve only heard one episode, so it may actuially be lame on average for all I know.  I really loved the opening theme on The Nerdist podcast and after some modern investigation (a.k.a, googleing), I discovered the song is is Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues by Anamanaguchi.  If I ever make it big, i’ll have to hire him/her/them to make some game music for me!  Well, I’m off to eat lunch, work and buy a new pocket knife, have a great day everyone!


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