Sorry, Test Builds Running Late

For various reasons, I’ve not prepaired the test build yet XD.  Well, here’s the reason, I sit down to work on the game, find that my back hurts and proceede to do something more mindless like playing a PC game and telling myself that I’ll get it done later…  I think the solution may be a chair with better lower back support, but who knows.  Well, there you have it, my formal excuse for getting so little done this week.  I promise not to miss the next release date, this coming Sunday.  Also, Deponia is a wonderful point and click adventure, though some of the puzzles are downright unreasonable.  Then again, I didn’t realize utnil late game that holding space shows things you can interact with, that probably would have made a world of difference,  XD.  O, and I’ve got an epic character class written in python, so thats cool.


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