Chromecast vs Roku Streaming Stick

While the chromecast is a nifty product, it seems to be rather hadially beaten out by Rokus new streaming stick.  Chromecasts content selections not bad with its support of Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome, but pales in comparison to Rokus 1200 channles.  Also, the Roku streaming stick will have a proper remote in addition to an app so that you can control your content with whichever you like while the chromecast will require you to use your phone to control your video selection.  Though on paper the chromecast seems a bit behind, perhaps it still has a place in many homes.  The chromecast has a limited number of channles, with some extra time and effort, you can stream video from your chrome browser which makes it a bit more versatile and the chromecast has support for most of the major video apps on the market (besides amazon instant video…), so if you don’t use any service other then netflix or hulu and are interested in saving a few bucks or see some use for chrome browser streaming, the chromecast might be for you.  The chromecast is a great product that has more then enough content and features for most users and can stream from your browser, but overall, the Roku streaming stick with its sea of content and multiple control options seems to be the better buy (for now).

I’ve owned a traditional Roku as well as a chromecast, you can find more info on both products via the links listed below.


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