Writing for the heck of it…

Today, I was about to walk out the door when I thought to myself, gee, I should be writing someting and now I am.  I’m still not sure where I’m headed with this blog entry but I’m sure i’ll enjoy getting there.  I should be eating lunch, I should have been ready for work earlier and therefore should be in more of a hurry, but I’d rather take it easy.  Everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time, maybe it’s our culture or maybe that’s how humans in general work, ether way, I’ll minimize the stress and roll with the blows as much as reasonably achievable and prioritize doing the right thing and living a good life rather then being productive and making money.  You can work all your life to achieve success, but if your quiet happy with current state of being, success is much easier to achieve.  At any rate, I’d prefer not to work, but if I must, I’ll do a good job, try to enjoy it, and try to enrich others lives in the process, so yeah, I should go before I make myself late!  Have a great day world!


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