My Inspirations

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I like making old-school styled games.  I thought It would only be fair to share a few of the game that have inspired me the most.  

  • Cave Story is probably my favorite game of all time, through it I learned how much a great cast of characters add to a story.  
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past showed me how rewarding exploration and puzzle solving mechanics can be.  
  • Bastion was a beautiful experience, though it had good gameplay, its art and music have stuck with me to this day, that good art and music are what makes a game stick with you.
  • Anodyne showed me that an small team making a retro game with style can still succeed in today’s market, that a game doesn’t have to be new for people to care.
  • Gone Home is from a legit studio using a wordpress template as a website, so maybe my site isn’t so derpy for using wordpress after all!  (it’s an amazing game too)

I’ve enjoyed a lot of other games, but those are the ones which I feel most inspire my current work.  Some of my other favorites series are Borderlands, Magicka, Mario 64, PaperMario, Smash Bro.’s, Mario Kart, Toarchlight, The Elder Scrolls, 


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