My Latest Game Design Goals!

I’ve deiced to let things like narrative and story take back seat for my December 2013 release.  Narrative and story are super important and can add as much to a game things like art, design or mechanics, but sadly, I’m a master of nether narrative, story, art, design, or mechanics and must pick and choose which objects i’ll be working on in this game.   Since my primary objective for this game is to make it fun and my secondary objective is to get practice in a few core areas, I should probably focus on gaining experience in fewer core areas so that I can spend more time making it fun.  Some form of graphics, Good level design and mechanics are a must for any fun game, everything else is optional I’ll be focusing on those areas for now.  Hopefully, after this game good level design will come naturally which will allow me to focus more on things like story in my next game.  We’ll see how it goes.  Image


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