Derp of the Day (funny development stories!)

Yesterday I was this close |<–3in.–>| to facerolling the keyboard.  Last night I discovered that walking past a certain point would teleport the player to the previous room which is completely unacceptable!  After a good hour of analyzing the error, fiddling with the debugger and arriving at no useful conclusions I rage quit for the evening.  Today I found the culprit.  I’m still not sure how it happened, but one of my solid, invisible 64×64 blocks which handles collisions had been miscompiled into spikes!  My first guess is some sort of cache error and my backup theory is ghosts in the machine.  Ether way, after deleting that dastardly little block my game is running swimmingly again, happy as a clam in its shell! (that’s a real saying right?)


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