SBW Update 10/05/13!!!

I’ve added a new friend for my SBW block character, his/her (not sure which) is called Rovr!  Currently, Rovr walks around, but if you need to can jump on his back to reach higher locations!  Sure, Rovr is basically just a animated moving platform, but I may reuse Rovr for other functions later as a spring pad or even way to keep enemies at bay!  Well, for now Rovr makes a satisfactory moving platform.  Also, after reading notes by the author of the Scott Pilgrim books, (my favorites ever), I’ve decided that I should use music to help insire me.  Eventuailly I want to have a playlist to listen to while making games but I’ve not finalized the songs yet.  So far I’ve been listening to “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse, “Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance, and most of AWOLNATIONS Megalythic Symphony album.


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