The Best Game I’ll Never Review

Lately, i’ve been playing Rogue Legacy, in fact, I started playing it immediately after beating Home and it’s become the worst time sync I’ve ever met.  I’ve been addicted to a Minecraft and Oblivion in the past, but this was something new, something fun, probably too fun.  Somehow, i’ve managed to play it for 80 hours in 2 weeks, just as much time as I’ve spent at work, which means i’ve done little else beside work, play and sleep and it scares me a bit.  I was hoping to review what was quickly becoming one of my favorite games, but now I’m not so sure I’ll ever reach the end.  Though the gameplay is fun and compelling enogh to keep me entertained it’s just a game and just a waste of time which i can hardly afford if i ever plan to release another game or pass the GRE with flying colors.  If i had to review Rogue Legacy, i’d give it a very high score, likely a 9.5 out of 10 for its great art, solid mechanics and addicting progression system, but in order to review a game you have to beat it, and beating the game would likely take me another 20 hours.  I’d say to play rogue legacy if your into platforms and roguelikes, you’ll find some of the best design in an action RPG ever but be warned that you could just as easily log as many hours in it as you would in Skyrim, so consider yourself warned.  I think i’m done with the game for now, though it’s the most fun i’ve had playing a game in a long time, it’s had very ill effects on my life outside the computer, ill enough to drive me other media and more healthy self management.  Last week i bought a 3DS and super mario 3d lang which i’ve been enjoying emensely, plus the game has nice, small, bitesized levels, which mean that I can play for 5 min, reach an obvious stopping point and go on with my life, which is probably a much healthier play style.


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