Jestern VS Grad School: The GRE and More

After 5.5 years of college I narrowly managed to graduate with an Electrical Engineering degree. Since my GPA of 2.6 isn’t quiet grad school material though my actual IQ probably is, I’ll be attaching a GRE to any and all grad school applications to prove that I’m not a complete dunce. I won’t be taking it for 3 months which will give me plenty of time to study, but I’m a bit at a loss for how to prepare. I’ve downloaded some crazy free software from the GRE website but should probably do more. I’m sure that the math and science portions will be a cakewalk, but the rest is a bit of a mystery. If they’r in the market for dry, technical writing I can deliver consistently but if those sneaky devils throw in some creative writing or questions that depend on reading speed I could find myself sunk in no time. Do any of you fine fine readers have experience with the GRE, any insight into question style or suggestions for how to study? As with my game builds, all input is appreciated!

Worse yet, I’m not sure what I want to study! I LOVE modeling systems with transfer functions and tuning responses which makes an Electrical Engineering masters degree with an emphasis in Mechatronics or Control Systems perfect choices. Also, an electrical engineering degree with an emphasis in controls would compliment my current work experience splendidly. I do love math so very much! Its a beautiful construct that most of the worlds behavior happens to fit into and with it’s help mankind can design everything form space ships to worldwide communication networks and if that doesn’t get you excited, your the one whos crazy!

It would seem that a masters of Electrical Engineering would be an obvious choice, but maybe not so obvious because I love programming nearly as much as mathematically modeling systems. As you can tell, I enjoy and am halfway proficient with programming (yes, I use Game Maker which has drag and drop functions, but I code 100% of my game logic in GML, Game Makers scripting language). I love making games and would likely love creating other types of programs too, mostly graphical programs. Sure, I could get an education in programming from the internet and sell myself on portfolio alone, but the company who employs me happens to be generous enough to pay for 100% of my masters degree! A bit of formal education in Java could be the open door I’ve always drept of to professional game design, or at least a fun job in interface design. Ether way, it’s an adventure which will start with getting accepted which starts with my taking the GRE so wish me luck!


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